How to choose a school?

Choosing the right school for your child is crucial to learning and personal development.

How to choose the right school?

Here are few important aspects to consider while evaluating school:

  1. School’s Curriculum / Affiliated examination Board.
  2. Studnet to teacher ratio.
  3. School’s learning cultures.
  4. School’s performance over the years.
  5. School’s review from various sources.
  6. Teachers’ and principal’s educational qualifications.

School’s Curriculum / Affiliated examination Board

School’s curriculum/board is one of the important aspects. Curriculum depths for different boards are different. Some boards cover more topics with depth, while some boards prefer to keep the curriculum light.

If you are planning to send your child abroad for higher education after class 12, it is better to choose a PAN India board such as CBSE/ICSE.

If your child is planning to appear in competitive examinations such as IIT-JEE or NEET, it’s better to choose a curriculum closely related to the examination syllabus.

Student to teacher ratio

Student to teacher (S/T) ratio is very important. School with S/T ratio less than 30 should be preferred, lower is the better.

School’s learning cultures

There are overall four ways of learning: Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, and Kinaesthetic.

Some students learn faster when the information is presented via visual means such as drawings, demonstrations, or images.
Some students learn faster when the information is read out by the teacher.
Some students learn faster by self-reading or writing down.
While some students learn through physical activities.

First, you will need to find out the way your child learns better and efficiently. Based on this you can choose a school that uses one or more of these in their classes.

School’s performance over the years

Evaluating a school’s performance is also important. How well the students from this school performed in the board-level examinations? How successful are its alumni?

School performance indicates its teacher and students’ ability, which is important as the teacher will guide your child and students will be your child’s friends.

School’s review from various sources

It is important to hear about other people’s opinions on the school, especially current and previous students and parents. You can get a good understanding of how learning happens and what parents think about school management.
Also, you can read expert reviews about the school from various sources.
Additionally, you can also request Discuss School to review the school if it is not done already.

Teachers’ and principal’s educational qualifications

Child’s minds are easily impactable, they absorb information available to their surroundings very easily and process them along the way. It is very important to set their role models appropriately and many children consider teachers as role models.
Understanding and evaluating principal and teachers’ educational and moral backgrounds are very important. An experienced, well-educated, and well-managed teacher can positively impact the children’s minds.
Well-educated teachers with higher depth on topics can make it very easy for children to learn.