How to choose the right stream: Science/Commerce/Arts?

Choosing an appropriate stream is very important as it will steer your career direction. Changing from one stream to another along the way is very difficult and costs you time and effort.
You must select the right stream at the right time.

Let’s summarize the career options in science, commerce, and arts.

This summary shows the high-level options available for each stream, though there are more interdisciplinary options that can be availed.

If you are aligned towards a certain career you have to select the corresponding stream as shown in the above Figure.

Unless you are not sure about a career goal, you have to do a SWOT analysis to understand your strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats to make the right decision.

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Below we outline the few important strengths requirements to study Science:

  1. Desire to solve problems
  2. Curiosity
  3. Enjoy solving maths problems / Enjoy studying about the human body
  4. Eager to solve various societal problems through technology/medical-science

Below we outline the few important strengths requirements to study Commerce:

  1. Good with numbers enjoy dealing with numbers
  2. Curious about how to run business
  3. Curious about the financial aspect, personal/business

Below we outline the few important strengths requirements to study Arts:

  1. Curious about history / politics / literature / culture
  2. Very good at writing/drawing/debates
  3. Curious about human behaviors, psychology

Science is undoubtedly the most appealing choice with many career opportunities, you can shift to commerce or arts-based career as per choice.

Commerce is also an interesting career choice, provided you are into business and management, while it offers fewer choices than Science.

Arts is the most limited stream in terms of career choices and job opportunities. But if you are targeting some specific govt jobs or a career in Sales, Marketing, Music, Acting, literature, etc Arts is the best choice.