What are Olympiad Exams?


Olympiads are competitive exams held for students through classes 1 to 12. Olympiads are conducted on a national and international level. These exams help to compare students’ performance with their peers across the country and on an international platform.

Importance of Olympiads

Olympiad exams are very crucial in getting an early-stage exposure to the competitive world. These exams help students in understanding the fundamental concepts and building self-confidence. These exams help students in enhancing their problem-solving skills and help in approaching problems with mathematical thinking.


Monetary rewards and medals at various levels also add to the charm of Olympiad Exams.

Admission to top colleges based on Olympiad rank,

Olympiad exams

Olympiads are conducted by a few organizers independently. You can choose to appear in one/more of these olympiads.

Below we list the organizer wise olympiads exams:

Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) [Biggest organizer]

Unified Council [Allows individual participation]

CREST Olympiads [Allows individual participation]

Unicus Olympiads


International Assessment for Indian Schools

Hummingbird Education

Eduheal Foundation

Silver Zone Foundation

How to appear in Olympiad Exams?

Most Olympiad Exams are conducted through schools and Schools have to register for the exams. You have to approach your school principal for participating in those olympiads.

If you are interested in participating individually, then you can consider Olympiads that allow individual participation without school involvement. CREST and the United Council allow individual participation.

How to prepare for Olympiads?

Most olympiads follow syllabus similar to CBSE, ICSE, and state boards.

  1. Identify the syllabus: First, identify and get familiar with the syllabus. Since exams are conducted much before school final exams, you may need to cover the syllabus on your own independently.

  2. Understand exam question pattern: Collect previous years’ question papers and solve those. Also, understand topic-wise relevance based on how many questions are asked from a particular topic.

  3. Books and resources: These exams are aimed at assessing advanced-level understanding of concepts. You should look for books dedicated to the preparation of that olympiad. Also look for online resources related to that exam.

  4. Planning and Execution: You should plan your preparation. As Olympiad exams are conducted much before the school syllabus is over you have to plan your preparation early on. Adhering to and executing your plan is the key to success.

  5. Assessment and Improvement: You have to assess your preparedness from time to time. You also have to improve upon your mistakes. Solve mocks tests in a similar environment mimicking the exam hall. Learn from mistakes and practice to avoid silly mistakes.