Best Mathematics books for IIT-JEE preparation?

Math is one of the most interesting subjects. Also considered as the toughest subject to score marks in IIT-JEE. But if you love and understand maths, it is the best subject to score marks in IIT-JEE.

Best books to understand the theory and solve problems

  1. Maths books from Arihant publications, all the 7 books, Amit M Agarwal and SK Goyal Book Info
  2. Comprehensive Algebra 1 & 2, Vinay Kumar, McGraw Hill
  3. Plane Trigonometry, SL Loney, Arihant
  4. Problems In MATHEMATICS, V Govorov et al (Advanced)
  5. Previous years problems book (from any publisher)

Many maths problems can easily be solved using Graph tricks. Make sure you know how to use graphs to solve maths problems. The graph can make a clear difference in terms of score and the speed you can achieve to solve any math problem.