How to become an Engineer?

Here in this post, we will discuss the required qualifications and steps to become an engineer.

To become an engineer you have to pursue an engineering degree, either B.Tech or B.Eng from a govt recognized college or university.

To achieve success in engineering one should have the following qualities:

  • Good in Science and Maths
  • Good in problem-solving
  • Creative
  • Curious about how things work
  • Enjoy building new things

Basic qualifications required to study engineering

To study/pursue an engineering degree in India, you will have to enroll in the science stream after class 10th with Mathematics (M), Physics (P), and Chemistry (C) as core subjects. Most colleges require at least 60 % marks in these three subjects (PCM) to get admitted.

Enroll in the Science stream with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths as core subjects after class 10th to be eligible for applying to engineering colleges.

Entrance Examinations

Almost all engineering colleges admit students into their programs based on ranks in the selected entrance examinations. Some colleges hold their own entrance examinations while the central govt-funded colleges admit students through JEE (mains) and JEE (advanced) ranks. JEE (advanced) is also called IIT-JEE.

IITs admit students based on JEE (Advanced) ranks.

NITs admit students based on JEE (Mains) ranks.

IIITs admit students based on JEE (Mains) ranks.

State govt-funded engineering colleges mostly conduct their own entrance examinations.
Many private colleges admit students based on JEE (Mains) ranks.

JEE exams test students understanding depths of the basic concepts and problem-solving skills. You have to dedicatedly prepare for these examinations to get a good rank.

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Entrance examination details

To know more about the syllabus and exam dates visit the official website of JEE-mains and JEE-advanced.

  1. JEE Mains Official Website
  2. JEE Advanced Official Website

What branch to choose

Once you have cracked the entrance examination with a good rank it is very important to choose the right engineering branch based on your strength and career choice.

Selecting the right engineering branch is very important for career growth.

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